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Spotlight Costumes, LLC
1503 E. Carson Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15203


Item SKU No. Description Price Order
Velour Powder Puffs (Washable)
Soft, luxurious puff for powder. Washable.
VP-1 Single Lot $2.50
VP-2 Dozen Pack $27.50
Synthetic Foam Sponge (Die-cut/8 Wedges per Single Lot)
Our finely textured sponge is ideal for applying and blending creme makeup. 3"x 4" block is die cut into eight wedges. Synthetic, irritation-free, cosmetic grade white foam. Disposable.
LF-1 Single Lot $3.00
LF-2 Dozen Pack $33.00
Hydra Sponge Applicators
Durable synthetic sponges efficiently spread Color Cake and MagiCake. Medium size is optimum for body makeup. Wash with antibacterial soap after use; allow to dry completely before storing. Synthetic, washable.
HS-1 Small $3.00
HS-3 Medium $3.50
Nylon Stipple Sponge
Use to create texture to makeup. Cut the 3"x 4" block into small sections; trim edges to avoid harsh lines. Use with Latex, Waxes, Cremes and Bloods to create beard stipple, bruising, road rash and texture. Disposable.
FNS-1 Fine Pore, Single Lot $3.00
FNS-2 Dozen Pack $33.00
NS-1 Medium Pore, Single Lot $3.00
NS-2 Dozen Pack $33.00
Misc. Tools
ST-3 Silicone Tool (Flat Chisel)
Non-porous, resilient and flexible. Great for detailed application of Aqua Glitter, latex, blood, adhesives or cremes. Wipes clean. 3/8" (5mm) Wide, Double Sided.
FYB 2oz. Spritzer Bottle Empty $2.50
MT-1 Modeling Tool-- Versatile application tool to model Nose & Scar Wax, Thick Blood and Effects Gels. Natural Wood. $7.00
FB-11 Foam Tip Applicator/10 Pack
Soft foam tipped applicator to apply pressed colors. Washable or disposable.
(See above) FB-111 Foam Tip Applicator/25 Pack $6.00
SW-11 Swab Tip Applicator/10 Pack
These cotton-tipped, disposable applicators have 1,001 uses. One pointed end, one round tip.
EC Brow/Lash Comb
Use to separate lashes, style brows or streak facial hair and temples with hair color for aging.
ST-1 Single Blade Spatula
Use to mix makeup on a palette or apply Nose & Scar Wax, Thick Blood or Gel Effects to skin. 7" (3.5" / 9cm Blade)
ST-4 Tapered Spatula $10.00
ST-5 Blending Spatula $10.00
MXP Mixing Palette Stainless (3.5" x 5")
Convenient for blending of colors. Apply makeup from Palette rather than container for hygiene purposes.
MXP-2 Artist's Palette Plexiglas (5.5" x 6.5")
Useful palette offers a large surface with a convenient finger hole. Sanitize with alcohol.
MXP-3 Large Mixing Palette Stainless 6 x 9")
SP Single Hole Sharpener
We recommend the single hole unit for a sharp pencil point.
DP Dual Hole Sharpener
The Dual Hole unit sharpens both Pencils and Crayons.