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Spotlight Costumes, LLC
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Pittsburgh, PA 15203


Item SKU No. Description Price Order
Refillable Metal Palette Box (Empty)
BXE-6 Six Color Box (Empty) $6.00
BXE-12 Twelve Color Box (Empty) $8.00
Refill your Ben Nye Lumiere and MagiCake refillable containers with the tablets below.
Lumiére Grande Colour Refills
RL-1 Ice $9.00
RL-2 Iced Gold $9.00
RL-3 Aztec Gold $9.00
RL-4 Silver $9.00
RL-5 Bronze $9.00
RL-6 Sun Yellow $9.00
RL-7 Tangerine $9.00
RL-8 Chartreuse $9.00
RL-9 Mermaid Green $9.00
RL-10 Jade $9.00
RL-11 Turquoise $9.00
RL-12 Cosmic Blue $9.00
RL-13 Royal Purple $9.00
RL-14 Amethyst $9.00
RL-15 Persimmon $9.00
RL-155 Cherry Red $9.00
RL-16 Azalea $9.00
RL-17 Cosmic Violet $9.00
RL-18 Golden Apricot $9.00
RL-19 Peacock $9.00
RL-20 Starry Night $9.00
RL-21 Indian Copper $9.00
MagiCake Refills
RM-1 Cloud White $5.00
RM-3 Licorice Black $5.00
RM-4 Fire Red $5.00
RM-5 Bright Red $5.00
RM-52 Cranberry $5.00
RM-6 Calypso Blue $5.00
RM-61 Stormy Blue $5.00
RM-62 Cosmic Blue $5.00
RM-65 Marine Blue $5.00
RM-7 Azure Blue $5.00
RM-8 Turquoise $5.00
RM-81 Tahitian Blue $5.00
RM-82 Seafoam $5.00
RM-89 Maize $5.00
RM-9 Sunshine Yellow $5.00
RM-10 Marigold $5.00
RM-102 Mustard Seed $5.00
RM-104 Burnt Pumpkin $5.00
RM-108 Lime Green $5.00
RM-110 Gecko Green $5.00
RM-11 Emerald Green $5.00
RM-112 Kelly Green $5.00
RM-12 Tropical Green $5.00
RM-122 Split Pea $5.00
RM-129 Royal Purple $5.00
RM-13 Vivid Violet $5.00
RM-135 Light Lavender $5.00
RM-14 Magenta $5.00
RM-15 Passion Pink $5.00
RM-16 Hot Pink $5.00
RM-165 Bazooka Pink $5.00
RM-17 Bright Orange $5.00
RM-19 Rust $5.00
RM-195 Honey Brown $5.00
RM-20 Subtle Brown $5.00
RM-21 Warm Brown $5.00
RM-22 Character Shadow $5.00
RM-23 Grey $5.00
RM-24 Misty Violet $5.00
RM-25 Ultra Lite $5.00
RM-251 Linen $5.00
RM-26 Brown-Black $5.00