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Spotlight Costumes, LLC
1503 E. Carson Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15203
Item SKU No. Description Price Order
Creme Contour Palette
HDCCP-1 18 Colors Net Wt. 1.5oz./42 gm.
(MCH-05, MCH-03, MCH-09, MCH-15, MCS-01, MCS-05, MCB-17, MCB-15, MCB-09,
MCB-01, MCB-05, MCB-03, MCS-07, MUC-05, MUC-01, MUC-03, MCB-11, MUC-09)
Creme Contour & Blush Palette
LCCP-1 12 Colors Net Wt. 1.8 oz./51 gm. (Refillable metal box) $60.00
Creme Rouge Wheel 6 Colors
Ben Nye's blendable creme blush shades color cheeks naturally. Inspired by fashion magazines and professional artists, this indispensable wheel offers six beautiful shades, from natural to vibrant. Expect 50-200 applications. Shades: Fire Red, Carnation Pink, Raspberry, Coral, Sandy Rose, Dusty Rose.
CR-100 1oz./28gm. $18.00
MediaPro HD Contours .28 oz./8 gm.
Creme Blush Compacts -- NOW REFILLABLE!
MCB-01 Blushing Bride $18.00
MCB-02 Carnation $18.00
MCB-03 Shy Rose $18.00
MCB-04 Rose Blush $18.00
MCB-05 Blushing Rose $18.00
MCB-07 Coral $18.00
MCB-08 Island Coral $18.00
MCB-09 Guava Blush $18.00
MCB-10 Sun KIssed $18.00
MCB-11 Terra Blush $18.00
MCB-15 Jazzberry $18.00
MCB-16 L'Orange $18.00
MCB-17 Real Red $18.00
MCB-185 Wicked Red $18.00
MCB-19 Urban Red $18.00
MCB-21 Plum $18.00

Creme Highlight Compacts


MCH-00 White $18.00
MCH-01 Porcelain $18.00
MCH-02 Palest Pink $18.00
MCH-03 Ultra Light $18.00
MCH-05 Ivory $18.00
MCH-07 Nude $18.00
MCH-09 Almond $18.00
MCH-10 Banana $18.00
MCH-11 Camel $18.00
MCH-15 Light Caramel $18.00

Creme Contour Compacts


MCS-01 Neutral $18.00
MCS-03 Natural $18.00
MCS-05 Medium $18.00
MCS-07 Rich Brown $18.00
MCS-09 Midnite $18.00

Ultra Contour Compacts


MUC-03 Purple $18.00
MUC-05 Urban Violet $18.00
MUC-07 Tuscan Red $18.00
MUC-09 Dark Burgundy $18.00
MUC-12 Coven Red $18.00
MUC-14 Night Sky $18.00
MUC-15 Red Devil $18.00
MUC-29 Onyx $18.00