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Spotlight Costumes, LLC
1503 E. Carson Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15203

Artists rely on Ben Nye’s distinctive range of Concealers to conceal facial imperfections. Our comprehensive palette expertly blends away temporary and permanent imperfections, including tattoos, birthmarks and blemishes. All are creamy and highly pigmented for seamless coverage.

Item SKU No. Description Price Order
MediaPRO Adjuster/Concealer Palette
HDAP-1 18 Concealers, DuraCovers & Adjusters $80.00
Concealer Palette 12 Colors (Refillable)
Our palette covers the gamut when it comes to tattoos and discolorations. Intensely pigmented cremes provide flawless, long-wearing and “invisible”coverage. Expect 200-1000 applications.
NKP-12 3oz./84gm. Net Wt
Shades: MY-1, MY-2, CC-2, CC-3, MO-2, FS-1, HY-1, GC-1, NR-2, NT-1, NT-2, NB-1.
Neutralizer Stack 5 colors 1.5 oz./42gm.
NKS-5 Includes CC-1, MY-1, MY-2, NB-3, NT-2 $30.00
DuraCover Stack
1.5oz./42 gm.
DVS-5 (DV-30, 40, 50, 130, 320) $30.00
Total Cover-All Wheels 6 Colors 1oz./28gm.
Our most popular neutralizing shades are included in these two six-color wheels. Apply to cover redness, tattoos, blemishes and other discolorations. Expect 50-250 applications.
SK-100 Total Cover-All I
Shades: MY-1, MY-2, MO-1, MO-11.
SK-200 Total Cover-All II
Shades: GC-1, CC-1, HY-1, MO-1, CC-2, CH-0.
Conceal-All Wheels
Be totally prepared to cover blemishes and skin discolorations with our highly pigmented shades. Exceptional versatility for the busy artist.
NK-1 .5oz./14gm. Expect 40-150 applications. NK-11 1oz./28gm. Expect 50-250 applications.
NK-1 4 Color Wheel .5oz./14gm.
Shades: NT-2, NB-1, NB-2, NR-1.
NK-11 6 Color Wheel 1oz./28gm.
Shades: NR-1, NB-1, MY-3, NT-1, NB-3, GC-1.
Special Color Wheels .5oz./14gm.
SK-1 Cover-All Wheel
Four classic neutralizing shades are included in this best selling Wheel. Mutes redness, veins, tattoos, beard shadows and skin discolorations. Expect 40-150 applications. Shades: MY-2, MO-2, CC-3, FS-3.
SK-11 Tattoo Cover-All Wheel
Conceal tattoo markings and other color imperfections with these four intense creme shades. Expect 40-150 applications. Shades: MY-3, NB-4, CC-1, NT-2.
SK-2 Highlight Wheel
Four versatile shades for corrective, beauty, old age and character highlights. Expect 40-150 applications. Shades: CH-0, CH-01, CH-2, CH-5.
SK-3 Shadow Wheel
Four indispensable contours for beauty, corrective, old age and character designs. Expect 40-150 applications. Shades: CS-2, CS-3, CS-4, CL-11.
.3oz./8.5gm. (Maximum Coverage)
DV-30   $9.50
DV-35   $9.50
DV-40   $9.50
DV-45   $9.50
DV-50   $9.50
DV-70   $9.50
DV-130   $9.50
DV-320   $9.50
Neutralizing Creme Crayons .09oz./2.5gm. - .1oz./2.8gm.
Crayons quickly banish red, blue and dark discolorations, accentuate highlights, or correct facial features. Our creamy, richly pigmented formula blends easily. Great for quick touch-ups and effective at covering freckles and age spots on hands for close-ups. Expect 50-200 applications.
NP-0 Ultra Lite $10.00
NP-2 Lite $10.00
NP-3 Red Concealer No. 1 $10.00
NP-4 Medium/Tattoo Cover $10.00
NP-6 Mellow Yellow® (Normal) $10.00
Mellow Yellow® .3oz./8.4gm.
Cover redness with Ben Nye's four intensely pigmented neutralizing shades. Effectively conceal red-hued blemishes, scars, capillaries and tattoos. MY-3 Mellow Yellow Classic is modeled after Ben Nye, Sr.'s original formula to mute deeper red. Expect 50-200 applications.
MY-1 Fair $9.50
MY-11 Medium $9.50
MY-2 Normal $9.50
Red Neutralizer .3oz./8.4gm.
Specifically designed to cancel intense red due to bruising, acne, birthmarks or capillaries. Use before base as a facial corrector, or blend with other neutralizers. NR-1 and NR-2 also formulated as Neutralizing Crayons. Expect 50-200 applications.
NR-1 No. 1 $9.50
NR-2 No. 2 $9.50
NR-3 No. 3 $9.50
Mellow Orange® .3oz./8.4gm.
Exceptional shades to neutralize blue-greens including veins, tattoos, bruises and deep under-eye discolorations. Included in Concealer Palette, Cover-All Wheel and Neutralizing Crayon. Expect 50-200 applications.
MO-11 Lite $9.50
MO-2 Medium $9.50
Blue Neutralizer .3oz./8.4gm.
Conceal blue-hued discolorations, such as veins, tattoos, bruises and deep under-eye circles with this unique palette. Expect 50-200 applications.
NB-1 No. 1 $9.50
NB-2 No. 2 $9.50
NB-3 No. 3 $9.50
NB-4 No. 4 $9.50
Tattoo Cover .3oz./8.4gm. (Maximum Coverage)
Distinctive shades to cover tattoos and other deep discolorations. Formulated with highest pigmentation for maximum coverage. Included in Conceal-All Wheels and Concealer Palette. Expect 50-200 applications.
NT-1 No. 1 $9.50
NT-11 No. 11 $9.50
NT-2 No. 2 $9.50
NT-3 No. 3 $9.50
Coverette® Cover-up .3oz./8.4gm.
Often recommended by doctors and “camouflage artists” to cover scar tissue, birthmarks, vitiligo and post-op skin discoloration. Blends easily on most skin tones. Expect 50-200 applications.
CC-0 Ultralite $9.50
CC-1 Ultra Fair $9.50
CC-2 Fair $9.50
CC-3 Medium $9.50
Mohave Contour Wheel
Net Wt. .5oz./14gm.
CSK-31 4 colors $13.00
Mohave Adjuster Stack
Net Wt. 1.5oz./42gm.
SCS-5 (SC-3, SC-6, SC-8, SC-12, SC-16) $30.00
Mojave Adjusters .3oz./8.4gm.
SC-2 Lightest Brown $9.50
SC-3 Light Brown $9.50
SC-5 Adobe Brown $9.50
SC-6 Sienna Orange $9.50
SC-8 Golden Yellow $9.50
SC-9 Apricot $9.50
SC-10 Burnt Orange $9.50
SC-12 Brick $9.50
SC-14 Sienna Red $9.50
SC-16 Deep Red $9.50
SC-18 Burnt Brown $9.50
Five O' Sharp® (Beard Cover) .3oz./8.4gm.
Conceal blue-black beard shadows with these specialty cover-ups. May be applied beneath or over foundation tone. Also effective at concealing deep discolorations, including black-eyes or intense under-eye discoloration. Expect 50-200 applications.
FS-1 Studio-Beard Cover $9.50
FS-3 Olive-Beard Cover $9.50
Special Highlight & Concealer .3oz./8.4gm.
Versatile shade to blend with other creme products, lightens without “greying”. Attractive highlighting shade. Expect 50-200 applications.
GC-1: A must for blending to diminish deepest red flaws, or to enhance effectiveness of other neutralizing shades. Expect 50-200 applications.
HY-1 Yellow Highlight No. 1 $9.50
GC-1 Green Concealer No. 1 $9.50