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Spotlight Costumes, LLC
1503 E. Carson Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15203

Contour, line and emphasize lips with our beautiful collection. Lip color “finishes” makeup and instantly adds style, on or off the stage.

Item SKU No. Description Price Order
Classic Lip Pencils 7" Length
These classics are well suited for traditional theatrical staging. Formulated in a rich, creamy texture which offers excellent coverage to outline or color the lips. Professional length is economically priced. 7" Length,.05oz./1.4gm. Expect 50-175 applications.
LP-19 Scarlet Red $5.00
LP-24 Plum $5.00
LP-26 Brandy $5.00
LP-28 Maroon $5.00
LP-30 Plum Rose $5.00
LP-32 Brick Red $5.00
LP-34 Coco Cherry $5.00
LP-36 Cabernet $5.00
Lip Colour Pencils 7" Length
Lusciously moist pencils effortlessly contour lips or easily color them completely. Available in many beautiful shades, and still priced dramatically below “designer” lip pencils. .065oz./1.83gm. Expect 50-150 applications.
LP-120 Really Red $10.00
LP-125 Bare Cedar $10.00
LP-127 Nude $10.00
LP-129 Mahogany $10.00
LP-130 Burgundy $10.00
LP-131 Wine Berry $10.00
LP-132 Currant $10.00
LP-134 Natural $10.00
LP-135 Spice $10.00
LP-136 Rosewood $10.00
LP-138 Cocoa Spice $10.00
LP-140 Vino $10.00
LP-142 Salsa $10.00
LP-143 Chocoholic $10.00
LP-144 Rum Raisin $10.00
LP-145 Ginger Snap $10.00
LP-146 Berry Brown $10.00
LP-147 Mystic Plum $10.00
LP-148 Beet Red $10.00
LP-149 Cherry Pop $10.00
LP-150 French Roast $10.00
LP-151 Super Pink $10.00
Lustrous Lipsticks .12oz./3.4gm.
Ben Nye’s Lipsticks are perfect for a variety of makeup designs. Lipsticks are moist, creamy and intensely saturated with color for vibrant, long lasting wear. Rev-up lip color by applying Ice shades over another color or directly on lips. Mix shades with Natural Lip Gloss LG-01 for a sheer, shiny “stain”. Expect 30-125 applications.
LS-2 Hot Pink $10.00
LS-3 Coral $10.00
LS-31 Hot Coral $10.00
LS-4 Dusty Rose $10.00
LS-5 Garnet $10.00
LS-6 Plum Pink $10.00
LS-7 Natural $10.00
LS-8 Cranberry $10.00
LS-9 Plum $10.00
LS-10 Bordeaux $10.00
LS-11 Desert Rose $10.00
LS-12 Natural Brown $10.00
LS-13 Magenta $10.00
LS-14 True Red $10.00
LS-15 Siren Red $10.00
LS-16 Ruby Red $10.00
LS-17 Black $10.00
LS-19 Mocha Rose $10.00
LS-23 Boysenberry $10.00
LS-26 Primrose $10.00
LS-30 Champagne Ice $10.00
LS-32 Rose Glaze $10.00
LS-33 Marilyn Red $10.00
LS-34 Russian Red $10.00
LS-35 Vampira $10.00
LS-36 Gold Ice $10.00
LS-37 Winter Ice $10.00
LS-38 Silver Ice $10.00
LS-41 Cotton Candy $10.00
LS-47 First Blush $10.00
LS-48 Watermelon $10.00
LS-50 Poppy $10.00
LS-51 Cherryberry $10.00
LS-52 Pink Tart $10.00
LS-55 Nudie $10.00
LS-56 Blushable $10.00
LS-57 Doe-A-Deer $10.00
LS-58 Peachy Keen $10.00
LS-59 Gypsy Rose $10.00
LS-60 Wild Violet $10.00
LS-61 Twilight $10.00
LS-62 Wicked Plum $10.00
LS-63 Red Coat $10.00
LS-64 Candy Pink $10.00
Lip Colour Palettes
.36oz./10.2gm. Net Wt. - Refillable
LSP-1 Natural Lip Palette (Includes Lip Brush, Shades: RLS-12, RLS-19, RLS-26, RLS-47, RLS-48, RLS-49). $32.00
LSP-2 Fashion Lip Palette (Includes Lip Brush, Shades: RLS-33, RLS-46, RLS-50, RLS-51, RLS-52, RLS-53) $32.00
LSP-3 California Sunset 6 colors. Includes Lip brush and shades: Mandarin, Sassy Pink, Berry Kiss, Mulberry, Royal Grape and Plum Tarte $32.00
LSP-0 Empty Palette (6 tabs, Lip Brush) $8.00
Lip Gloss Wheel 6 Colors
Provocative & glamorous. Need we say more? Radiant over bare lips or any lip color. Light, fruity fragrance. A must have for makeup case or purse. Expect 100-450 applications. Shades: Natural, Nude, Bubblegum, Cherry Baby, Apricot Glaze, Gold Glaze.
LGW .94oz./26.6gm. $18.00
Lip Gloss Stack 5 colors
Net Wt. 1.25oz./35gm.
LGSS-1 5 colors (LGS-21, 15, 18, 01, 10) $30.00
Lip Gloss (Medium) .25oz./7gm.
Flirty, alluring, natural. Versatile tints add high shine and a wash of color to bare lips or over lip color. Glazes contain a hint of shimmer. Lightly scented. Pots are “stackable”.
LGS-01 Natural $9.50
LGS-03 Champagne $9.50
LGS-10 Nude $9.50
LGS-15 Bubblegum $9.50
LGS-18 Cherry Baby $9.50
LGS-21 Apricot Glaze $9.50
LGS-24 Gold Glaze $9.50
LGS-28 Pewter Glaze $9.50
Pop Art Lip Colors
Seven gorgeous shades define creative vibrancy. Colors are richly pigmented in a smooth, long-wearing formula. Blend shades together to make a bold fashion statement! Stackable pots.
POP-213 Mandarin $10.00
POP-310 Sassy Pink $10.00
POP-323 Berry Kiss $10.00
POP-415 Mulberry $10.00
POP-714 Royal Grape $10.00
POP-619 Vivid Vamp $10.00
POP-818 Plum Tarte $10.00
Small Lip Color
LCS-1 Black $9.50
LCS-2 Vampire Red $9.50
LCS-3 True Red $9.50
LCS-4 Zombie Green $9.50
LCS-5 Natural $9.50
LCS-6 Natural Brown $9.50
LCS-7 Vixen $9.50
LCS-8 Red Clay $9.50
LCS-9 Boysenberry $9.50