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Spotlight Costumes, LLC
1503 E. Carson Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15203


Item SKU No. Description Price Order
Liquid Latex (Light Flesh Tone)
Multi-functional. Apply to stretched skin for aging, extreme blisters and wounds. Excellent for sealing Nose & Scar Wax or to mold prosthetic appliances. Fair flesh tone dries almost transparent. Expect 8-20 applications per ounce.
LL-1 1 fl. oz./29ml. $5.50
LL-2 2 fl. oz./59ml. $8.00
LL-25 4 fl. oz./118ml. $11.00
LL-3 8 fl. oz./236ml. $18.00
LL-4 16 fl. oz./473ml. Jug $28.00
LL-5 32 fl. oz./946ml. Jug $38.00
Clear Latex
Possesses identical qualities as Liquid Latex, without coloring. Expect 8-20 applications per ounce.
LR-1 1 fl. oz./29ml. $5.50
LR-25 4 fl. oz./118ml. $11.00
Latex for Sensitive Skin
Low ammonia formula for extremely dry or sensitive skin. Expect 8-20 applications per ounce.
LL-52 2 fl. oz./59ml. $11.00
Wrinkle Stipple
Specialty latex is thinner than Liquid Latex and dries nearly invisible. Ideal to create subtle facial wrinkling, especially crow's feet. Apply Castor Sealer to latex before creme makeup is applied to prevent discoloration. Expect 8-35 applications per ounce.
WS-1 1 fl. oz./29ml. $5.50
WS-2 2 fl. oz./59ml. $8.00
Castor Sealer
Ideal for all slip rubber and latex materials. Eliminates the need for rubber mask grease and prevents discoloration when creme makeups are applied. Expect 15-40 applications per ounce.
KS-00 .5 fl. oz./14ml. $3.00
KS-0 1 fl. oz./29ml. $3.50
KS-1 2 fl. oz./59ml. $6.00
KS-2 8 fl. oz./236ml. $11.00
Bald Cap
We offer an excellent latex bald cap made by Woochie Labs. Apply with Spirit Gum, contour edges with Liquid Latex. Reusable.
BP-0 Bald Cap by Woochie $16.00
Nose & Scar Wax/Fair
Our modeling wax is pliable, yet firm, to create simulated injuries such as a bullet hole or broken nose. Spirit Gum beneath wax provides longer wear. Seal with Liquid Latex. Expect 4-25 applications per ounce.
NW-1 1oz./28gm. $4.50
NW-2 2oz./56gm. $7.00
NW-3 8oz./227gm. $16.00
NW-4 16oz./454gm. $24.00
Nose & Scar Wax/Light Brown
LBW-1 1oz./28gm. $4.50
LBW-2 2oz./56gm. $7.00
LBW-3 8oz./227gm. $16.00
Nose & Scar Wax/Brown
BW-1 1oz./28gm. $4.50
BW-2 2oz./56gm. $7.00
BW-3 8oz./227gm. $16.00
BW-4 16oz./454gm. $24.00
Bald Cap by Woochie
BP-0 Bald Cap $16.00
Keep handy to simulate tears, perspiration or "oozing" from wounds. Caution: Keep out of eyes. Expect 10-60 applications per ounce.
GL-2 2 fl. oz./59ml. $6.00
GL-8 8 fl. oz./236ml. $10.00