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Spotlight Costumes, LLC
1503 E. Carson Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15203


Ben Nye's Creme Foundations serve as a "canvas" for makeup designs. Our theatrical foundation palette is stylishly diverse to subtly blend with all complexions, or to dramatically alter a performer's skin tone. Foundations blend effortlessly with Concealers, Rouges, Highlights, Shadows and Creme Colors. Intense pigmentation provides excellent coverage. .5oz./14gm. Expect 25-75 applications.

Item SKU No. Description Price Order
Proscenium (P) Series
Classic colors ideal for characters where specialty shades are required. Vivid pigmentation for durability and dramatic results.
P-1 White $9.50
P-022 Geisha $9.50
P-023 Pure Ivory $9.50
P-024 Porcelain $9.50
P-2 Lite Pink $9.50
P-4 Ultra Fair $9.50
P-41 Fairest $9.50
P-42 Ultra Beige $9.50
P-43 Alabaster $9.50
P-45 Olive Fair $9.50
P-5 Natural Fair* $9.50
P-6 Natural Tan $9.50
P-7 Bronzetone $9.50
P-8 Dark Coco $9.50
P-9 Black $9.50
P-11 Chinese $9.50
P-111 Lite Chinese $9.50
P-12 Japanese $9.50
P-121 Lite Japanese $9.50
P-125 Tan Au Lait $9.50
P-127 Caramel Tan $9.50
P-13 Blithe Spirit $9.50
P-14 Sallow Green $9.50
P-15 Cadaver Grey $9.50
P-16 Blue Spirit $9.50
P-17 Death Purple $9.50
P-18 Death Straw $9.50
P-19 Death Flesh $9.50
P-20 Pale Vampire $9.50
P-21 Frankenstein $9.50
P-22 Death Blue Grey $9.50
*New Name for Old Age. No change in color.
Lite (L) Series
Soft, natural shades impart a warm tan-peach tone from very fair to subtle tan-rose. Suitable for actors with fair skin tones.
L-0 Creamy Beige $9.50
L-1 Creamy Peach $9.50
L-2 Lite Beige $9.50
L-3 Rose Beige $9.50
L-5 Tan Rose $9.50
Tan (T) Series
Golden-tan shades suitable for blond to brunette Anglo performers.
T-1 Golden Tan $9.50
T-2 Bronze Tan $9.50
Medium (M) Series
Healthy, natural shades suitable for Anglo males. Best when applied thinly like a stain. FYI:(M) and (Y) Series appear darker in the container than when applied.
M-1 Lite Bronze $9.50
M-2 Suntone $9.50
M-3 Medium Tan $9.50
Olive (Y) Series
Natural shades for actors with olive skin tones. Also useful for olive-toned ethnic characters, such as the Sharksin "Westside Story".
Y-1 Lite Olive $9.50
Y-3 Medium Olivee $9.50
Y-5 Olive Tan $9.50
Twenty (TW) Series
Light olive to deep warm-browns. This series compliments brunettes,olive and brown skin tones.
TW-20 Rice Paper $9.50
TW-21 Ivory $9.50
TW-22 Golden Beige $9.50
TW-23 Fawn $9.50
TW-24 Honey $9.50
Maple (MA) Series
Golden light-brown to rich brown tones provide an attractive, contemporary palette of shades for performers of color.
MA-1 Golden Bronzee $9.50
MA-2 Brown Sugar $9.50
MA-3 Hazelnut $9.50
MA-4 Rich Cocoa $9.50
MA-5 Coffee Bean $9.50
MA-6 Deep Ebony $9.50
Contemporary Theatre Series
CT-01 Pale Bisque $9.50
CT-03 Blush Beige $9.50
CT-05 Bella 001 $9.50
CT-07 Shell Pink $9.50
CT-09 Bella 002 $9.50
CT-11 Cameo Beige $9.50
CT-13 Bella 003 $9.50
CT-15 Vanilla Almond $9.50
CT-17 Pale Honey $9.50
CT-19 Bella 004 $9.50
CT-21 Rich Olive $9.50
CT-23 Deep Bronze $9.50