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Spotlight Costumes, LLC
1503 E. Carson Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15203

Our Color Cake Foundations are formulated in a creamy, water-activated formula with a diverse color range. Cakes apply quickly and evenly without chalkiness. Recommended for use on performers with oily or sensitive skin. An outstanding foundation for body makeup and large cast ensembles, such as opera, ballet, choir or musical theatre. Resistant to heat and perspiration. 1oz./28gm. Expect 25-100 applications.

Item SKU No. Description Price Order
PC-1 White $12.00
PC-1W Pale Rose $12.00
PC-02 Light Ivory $12.00
PC-021 Bisque $12.00
PC-022 Geisha $12.00
PC-024 Fresh Pink $12.00
PC-2 Porcelain $12.00
PC-3W Tawny Peach $12.00
PC-30 Ecru $12.00
PC-305 Barely Beige $12.00
PC-31 Ciné Fairest $12.00
PC-32 Ciné Fair $12.00
PC-33 Ciné Light Beige $12.00
PC-34 Ciné Beige $12.00
PC-36 Ciné Light Tan $12.00
PC-4 Navajo Sand $12.00
PC-40 Shinsei Ivory $12.00
PC-41 Shinsei Fair $12.00
PC-42 Japanese $12.00
PC-43 Chinese $12.00
PC-46 Rose Blush $12.00
PC-47 Ingénue $12.00
PC-48 Fair Lady $12.00
PC-5 Natural No. 1 $12.00
PC-5W Rich Tan $12.00
PC-51 Natural No. 2 $12.00
PC-6 Buckskin $12.00
PC-7 Rose Beige $12.00
PC-7W Deep Tan $12.00
PC-8 Blithe Spirit $12.00
PC-81 Cadaver Grey $12.00
PC-82 Blue Spirit $12.00
PC-83 Sallow Green $12.00
PC-84 Death Purple $12.00
PC-840 Death Flesh $12.00
PC-841 Death Straw $12.00
PC-842 Pale Vampire $12.00
PC-843 Frankenstein $12.00
PC-87 Fair Male $12.00
PC-89 Tan Male $12.00
PC-9 Tan No. 1 $12.00
PC-11 Tan No. 2 $12.00
PC-111 Tan No. 3 $12.00
PC-114 Warm Tan $12.00
PC-13 Natural Fair (formerly Old Age) $12.00
PC-135 Calcutta $12.00
PC-137 Tan Au Lait $12.00
PC-14 Mocha $12.00
PC-16 Chestnut $12.00
PC-17 Light Egyptian $12.00
PC-19 Dark Egyptian $12.00
PC-20 Olive Sable $12.00
PC-21 Golden Ebony $12.00
PC-23 Black $12.00