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Spotlight Costumes, LLC
1503 E. Carson Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15203


Item SKU No. Description Price Order
Effects Gels
Useful, realistic colored gels produce durable self-made wounds, cuts, burns and scars. Warm until gel turns to a liquid. Create wound and allow to "set" as it cools. Expect 3-50 applications per ounce.
GE-1 Blood 1 fl. oz./29ml. $9.00
GE-2 Blood 2 fl. oz./59ml. $11.00
GE-3 Flesh (Clear) 1 fl. oz./29ml. $9.00
GE-4 Flesh (Clear) 2 fl. oz./59ml. $11.00
GE-5 Scar (Opaque) 1 fl. oz./29ml. $9.00
GE-6 Scar (Opaque) 2 fl. oz./59ml. $11.00
Effects Gel Wound Kit
Design durable and realistic lacerations, burns, wounds and scars with this useful pack of gels. Wounds may be pre-made. Detailed instructions included. Available in 1oz.or 2oz. sets of Blood, Scar and Flesh.
GE-10 Three - 1 fl. oz./29ml. Bottles $22.00
GE-11 Three - 2 fl. oz./59ml. Bottles $28.00
Stage Blood
Many feature films have used our blood exclusively. Realistic qualities include vivid coloring and medium flowing viscosity. Peppermint flavored and safe in mouth. May stain some fabrics and surfaces; test before use. Expect 12-30 applications per ounce.
SB-2 .5 fl. oz./14ml. $2.50
SB-3 1 fl. oz./29ml. $3.50
SB-4 2 fl. oz./59ml. $6.50
SB-45 4 fl. oz./118ml. $9.00
SB-5 8 fl. oz./236ml. $13.00
SB-6 16 fl. oz./473ml. Jug $20.00
SB-7 32 fl. oz./946ml. Jug $32.00
Gelatin Blood Capsules
Open capsule, and fill one half full with blood. Capsules hold their shape even if not used for several days. Place in mouth and bite down to release blood.
GB-0 Complete Blood Pack .5 fl. oz./14ml.
Blood & 12 Capsules
GB-1 10 Gelatin Capsules (Empty) $5.00
GB-2 32 Gelatin Capsules (Empty) $12.00
Thick Blood
Moist, jam-like texture can be used to fill wounds. "Scrape" along skin with a stipple sponge for an abrasion or road rash. Washable. Expect 10-35 applications per ounce.
TB-0 .5oz./14gm. $4.00
TB-1 1oz./28gm. $6.50
TB-2 6oz./170gm. $20.00
TB-3 16oz./454gm. $35.00
Dark Blood
Aged & Oxydized Browner Shade. Expect 10-35 applications per ounce.
DSB-2 .5 fl. oz./14 ml. $2.50
DSB-3 1 fl. oz./29 ml. $3.50
DSB-4 2 fl. oz./59 ml. $6.50
DSB-5 8 fl. oz./236 ml. $13.00
DSB-6 16 fl. oz./473 ml. Jug $20.00
DBS-7 32 fl. oz./946ml. Jug $32.00
Fresh Scab
Authentic brownish-blood tint for older, dried blood clotting effects. Blood doesn't completely "set", but the outer layer "scabs over". Washable. May stain some fabrics; test before use. Expect 10-35 applications per ounce.
TS-1 1oz./28gm. $6.50
TS-2 6oz./170gm. $20.00
TS-3 16oz./454gm. $35.00